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         Maps for Kelso Dunes

Travel north on 15 freeway past Victorville, to Barstow. At Barstow take the 40 freeway east and continue on towards the village of Ludlow.

Proceed past Ludlow for 28 more miles and exit at the Amboy/Kelbaker road. At the bottom of the exit turn left and cross under the freeway.

Proceed north 12 miles on the 2-lane paved road. At 12 miles, there to your left, should be a dirt road and sign mentioning "Kelso Dunes". Take that left road and proceed 3 more miles and voila- you'll be in the parking lot, right in front of large sand dunes.

It is recommended that you arrive prior to sunset for setup, if for no other reason, than to enjoy a photo opportunity- beautiful dunes and the setting sun. Who knows, you may even hear one of Kelso's famous shifting sand "booms".

Expect a 3 to 4 hour drive time to this site. It is acceptable to the Park Department to observe from this site, but "camping" is not. However, an unofficial camp area is located  about 1/4 mile further down this road near the sand quarry.